I'm an artist, music producer & singer.
About my work
Profile of Tayo Joyce Caught in Front of a Turquoise Fish Mosaic

My art is an expression of my emotions and ideas through music, songs and vibrant paintings. I love to share joy, connection and healing through my work.

I was inspired to write songs after seeing how they made me feel like I wasn’t alone while going through challenges. I would often search for music that captured what I was feeling but could only find works that came close. I realized that it was time for me to start creating the music that I was looking for.

I craft my songs and music from concepts, poems, feelings and sounds. Then I select chords, rhythms and instruments that set the right mood, then start programming and recording these elements on my computer. I refine the music and lyrics until they are just right. Then, I polish these ideas while experimenting with different effects and balance all of the elements with one another.

Drawing and painting is an outlet that brings me immense joy. I usually start with an image or an idea and flush it out with studies in my sketchbook as well as on the computer. Once I develop the idea to my, or my customer’s liking, I start with an outline, then progressively add more detail to the piece, layer by layer until all of the elements in the work are in harmony and complete. It’s so fulfilling and exciting to create work that others enjoy.

About me

Born to foreign students in Washington state, I wanted to fit in but never managed to. After my family moved to the diverse Los Angeles area, I blossomed as I was exposed to the work of many great artists and was encouraged to express myself in the visual arts. My neighbors introduced me to Anime and Manga, and from then on, I couldn’t stop drawing.

As a teenager, I started singing in gospel choirs and dreamed of becoming a songwriter. Those dreams were shelfed for a couple of years while I was completing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & started working as a software engineer. After becoming disenchanted with the gender biases and inequities in the corporate environment, I started working towards my dream again. After work, I attended painting, songwriting and digital music production courses at Santa Ana College. I also studied at Otis College of Design & Art and learned how to tell stories in my artwork from Daniel Hyun Lim.

A couple of years later, I was faced with one of the most heartbreaking and tumultuous seasons of my life: my high school sweetheart left, while the company I was working at was going through rounds of layoffs. I stopped my plans to study vocal performance & music composition, as well as my other artistic pursuits, as I learned how to cope with so much change and uncertainty and sought to find myself again.

Surprisingly, a couple of months later, I got an opportunity to live in Paris, France for work! That was a dream of mine since I learned French in high school. I took painting lessons in Paris and learned the impressionist and fauvist style by Denis Gérablie. Living in a society that was so infused with art changed me. And, when I came back to the US, I knew that I wanted to devote all of my time to making music and art. And a couple of years later, I left my 9-5 job to do just that.

I had a lot of adjustments to make while working on my own, and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at getting my music produced, I decided to learn music production at Crē8 Music Academy in Westlake Studios. While attending classes there, I was so inspired by what Doug Fenske (my instructor) taught that I decided to become a music producer as well. I have been juggling painting, songwriting, singing, and music producing ever since. I recently added hip hop dancing to the list too. It’s been an exciting ride!