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I'm an artist, music producer & singer.

‘Tayo’ Joyce Situ specializes in making vibrant artwork and synth-infused R&B music. She fell in love with drawing & capturing her models’ likeness as a child. Then branched out to watercolor painting & graphic design for Polytech Solutions in 2000. A couple years later, she learned acrylic painting from Mark Leysen at Santa Ana College. And later learned illustration from Daniel Hyun Lim at Otis College. While living in Paris, France in 2013 she took oil painting lessons with Denis Gerablie.

Tayo Joyce learned to play the flute in grade school, then picked up singing in junior high & piano in high school. She started singing in gospel choirs, then became a lead singer in a pop, rock, R&B, and funk cover band called After Hours. While at Santa Ana College, she learned songwriting, music sequencing, music theory, composition & classical singing. She later sang Contemporary Christian music in The Rock Worship Team and their choir & co-wrote “Imagine Love” in 2015.

In 2017, Tayo Joyce learned how to record & produce music at Crē8 Academy, which is part of Westlake Studios. That same year, she studied vocal performance at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, released her first song co-written & co-produced with Chomby. Then started writing, producing & releasing more songs on her own & with other skilled & talented artists, songwriters & music producers, such as Flaviyake AKA Duck The Bass, Beezee, Brent Baccetti, Shawn Graham, mesmi & FloSoul. And, in 2019, she started recording, mixing & producing music for other artists as well.

About my work
You Are Worthy Painting on a Marble Wall

My art is an expression of my emotions and ideas through music, songs and vibrant paintings. I love to share joy, connection and healing through my work.

I was inspired to write songs after seeing how they made me feel like I wasn’t alone while going through challenges. I would often search for music that captured what I was feeling but could only find works that came close. I realized that it was time for me to start creating the music that I was looking for.

I craft my songs and music from concepts, poems, feelings and sounds. Then I select chords, rhythms and instruments that set the right mood, then start programming and recording these elements on my computer. I refine the music and lyrics until they are just right. Then, I polish these ideas while experimenting with different effects and balance all of the elements with one another.

Drawing and painting is an outlet that brings me immense joy. I usually start with an image or an idea and flush it out with studies in my sketchbook as well as on the computer. Once I develop the idea to my, or my customer’s liking, I start with an outline, then progressively add more detail to the piece, layer by layer until all of the elements in the work are in harmony and complete. It’s so fulfilling and exciting to create work that others enjoy.

What customers say
Bella in Front of Baby Bella Small
Mark S. H.

Different Shades of Life Make the Painting More Beautiful. I commissioned the eclectic visual artist Tayo Joyce for a portrait of my dear 1.2 year old Bella. The painting originated from a picture of her when Bella was about 2 months old.. And Joyce Did an amazing job. These pictures don’t do it justice. And her care to take care of the artwork was unheralded. She is very proud of her work she loves her gift.
Thank you for the amazing piece Joyce! This is my first commissioned art work and I will cherish this painting for many many Many years.
#BabyBella #PitBull

Young Family Commission Small
Bethany P.

My mother-in-law commissioned a family portrait from you that just arrived yesterday. It is so lovely and perfect. I keep crying every time that I watch the video of you creating the beautiful image of my family. It’s my most treasured gift and I can’t wait to get a beautiful frame for it and look at it every day. Thank you so much- we love it. You have so much talent- thanks for sharing it with my family!

Queen Esther
Singer, Songwriter

A short video testimonial from Queen Esther & her husband:

Joyce produced my music for the very first time, and she did such an amazing job on my song. I was very satisfied with the final product, so I will recommend Tayo Joyce to anyone who would like to have her work on their projects.

Portrait of Bryan and Emily
Bryan R.

Wow! Seeing your work online is one thing and a gift, but viewing it in person is definitely a sight to see. Thank You! Thank You! THANK YOU JOYCE! The painting looks AMAZING!… She absolutely loved, LOVED your painting! Thank You So Much!

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