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    Watch the Art Making Process Unfold

    The Making of "Heavenly Guest"

    This commissioned mixed media artwork uses multiple photo references to depict a beloved guest during a special event. Watch how Tayo Joyce creates a study from multiple images on the computer, then proceeds to draw & paint this watercolor & colored pencil artwork.

    The Making of "Baby Bella"

    This commissioned painting started with a photo of a pit bull puppy named “Bella.” The commissioner wanted this artwork to be reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh. Watch this painting come together from start to finish in the following video.

    The Making of “Repetition and Variation of Trees”

    This commission started with a picture of a Japanese maple and the desired location of the piece. The commissioner wanted it to evoke tranquility. Click on the image or the button below for more details.

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    What customers say
    Bella in Front of Baby Bella Small
    Mark S. H.

    Different Shades of Life Make the Painting More Beautiful. I commissioned the eclectic visual artist Tayo Joyce for a portrait of my dear 1.2 year old Bella. The painting originated from a picture of her when Bella was about 2 months old.. And Joyce Did an amazing job. These pictures don’t do it justice. And her care to take care of the artwork was unheralded. She is very proud of her work she loves her gift.
    Thank you for the amazing piece Joyce! This is my first commissioned art work and I will cherish this painting for many many Many years.
    #BabyBella #PitBull

    Young Family Commission Small
    Bethany P.

    My mother-in-law commissioned a family portrait from you that just arrived yesterday. It is so lovely and perfect. I keep crying every time that I watch the video of you creating the beautiful image of my family. It’s my most treasured gift and I can’t wait to get a beautiful frame for it and look at it every day. Thank you so much- we love it. You have so much talent- thanks for sharing it with my family!

    Portrait of Bryan and Emily
    Bryan R.

    Wow! Seeing your work online is one thing and a gift, but viewing it in person is definitely a sight to see. Thank You! Thank You! THANK YOU JOYCE! The painting looks AMAZING!… She absolutely loved, LOVED your painting! Thank You So Much!

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    Pricing for drawings & paintings depend on the medium, details & complexity. Something like the Move to Your Beat artworks would run $0.50/square inch and small portraits (like the Black Role Models artworks) would be closer to the $5/square inch range. Please note that it takes two weeks for oil paint to set, and another two weeks for varnish on acrylic & oil paintings to dry completely and this will need to be accounted for prior to shipping an artwork. 

    Please contact me for a free quote. I’d love to hear about your project & help make your artistic vision come to life!