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You Are Worthy Lyric Video

From a dark place, this synth pop and R&B song lets the listener know that they are not alone, and don’t need to go through difficulties on their own. They are significant, and are born worthy, nothing can change that.

You Are Worthy Credits

Composition & Lyrics By Joyce Situ, Brent Baccetti, Flaviya Kaklyugina, Lori Moilov & Flo Oramasionwu
Produced & Arranged By Tayo Joyce, Brent Baccetti & Flaviyake
Piano & Guitars By Brent Baccetti
Drum Programming By Flaviyake & Tayo Joyce
Lead Vocals By Tayo Joyce
Background Vocals By Tayo Joyce, Brent Baccetti & Flaviyake
Vocal Production by Tayo Joyce & Flaviyake
Mixed By Joyce Situ & Brent Baccetti
Artwork Photography By Dale Dellinger
Artwork Designed By Joyce Situ & Lori Moilov
Video By Tayo Joyce
Video Photography from Pixabay Free-Photos, StockSnap, USAGI_POST,
cm_dasilva, sasint, JillWellington
Distributed By